A Joint Venture of DiaGenomi and Healthcare Economics announced today to offer patients in North America MyRISQ™ Pathology Assisted Genetic tests

9. 12. 2015 10:39:48

Ljubljana, Slovenia, Wilmington, Del., and St. Petersburg, FL, Dec, 9, 2015 - Today, DiaGenomi Ltd, a European based genetic testing provider and Healthcare Economics LLC (HCE), a Florida based bio-tech consulting company announced that they’ve formed a Joint Venture to introduce DiaGenomi's proprietary Pathology Assisted Genetic tests to the North American market.

The major advantage of MyRISQ™ genetic testing is its wholesomeness. As James Harris, founder and CEO of Healthcare Economics LLC pointed out that “genetic data obtained from MyRISQ™ is combined with clinical and environmental data for a comprehensive examination and risk evaluation while Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) genetic tests offer only a statistical measurement of disease risk.” Prior to collection of saliva sample and genetic analysis, a doctor evaluates the patient's clinical picture, collects personal and familial medical history and data on the patient’s lifestyle. The genetic, clinical and lifestyle data gathered during the analysis are then combined and analyzed collectively in a single genetic report. “This report includes important guidelines for the patient and for the patient’s doctor on how to mitigate the risk of acquiring certain medical conditions and recommendations for a “personalized” approach to complement the patient’s genetic makeup,” added Harris.

Klemen Spaninger, founder and CEO of DiaGenomi Ltd explains the many advantages of MyRISQ™ genetic tests for the patients: “Commercializing MyRISQ™ genetic tests, based on our proprietary Pathology Assisted Technology, in the North American market is an opportunity for patients in North America to get exceptional genetic counseling with straight answers and guidance. It offers them a chance to better understand their genetic risks associated with certain diseases like cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Patients can also find out how they can prevent illness or improve their quality of life by lifestyle changes and a personalized medical treatment approach. There is another aspect that sets MyRISQ™ genetic tests apart – while DTC genetic tests, which are marketed by a number of companies, can show significant differences in results from the same saliva sample, MyRISQ™ tests are consistent because they are based only on the clinically relevant genes confirmed by the scientific community and have extensive supporting evidence.”

On the business side of things Spaninger recognizes this Joint Venture as a “huge business opportunity for us. We are confident that HCE’s knowledge of the market and its extensive customer network will allow us to successfully launch our MyRISQ™ line of tests in North America.”

About DiaGenomi Ltd.
DiaGenomi Ltd. is a high-tech company, making an important step towards personalized medicine. With the introduction of pathology assisted genetic tests they enabled physicians to more effectively and quickly adapt treatment decisions for individual patients. DiaGenomi Ltd. has developed a stand alone computer program for data analysis and normalization. It is involved in educational programs, where it offers workshops for molecular techniques such as quantitative PCR. Diagenomi Ltd. also collaborates with several research groups in basic research.

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About Healthcare Economics LLC
Healthcare Economics LLC leverages its extensive network to assist firms to meet their specified objectives by developing strategic alliances to leverage their profit making potential. Our consultants are highly experienced with commercial and technical backgrounds in business development, international marketing, licensing and finance possessing strong business ties in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the MENA region to assist firms seeking to maximize market share. We look forward to working with DiaGenomi Ltd to launch these unique products and services delivering meaningful outcomes for all

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