Basic Information

A single formula to prevent illness and to stay healthy does not exist. For this reason MyRISQ experts have worked with doctors and other experts to develop a test which is based not only on your DNA but also includes other medical (blood pressure, cholesterol level, medical history, etc.) and lifestyle (eating habits, recreation, smoking, etc.) factors.

It is important to point out that development of a disease such as cancer or cardiovascular diseases is not influenced by genetics (mutations in genes) alone. A large contribution also comes from the environment which you live in and lifestyle choices you make.


Why CardioRISQ?

CardioRISQ is a comprehensive risk assessment test that represents a novel approach in genetic testing and combines the analysis of various factors that influence your health. In most cases, mutations in your genome can trigger the start of disease and poor lifestyle choices can only accelerate its progress. It is therefore important to closely monitor each group of factors and determine elements that could affect your health.

CardioRISQ scans relevant low-penetrance mutations in your genome

CardioRISQ determines 8 low-penetrance mutations in your DNA that affect your condition for developing cardiovascular diseases. It scans 5 different genes that are involved in lipid metabolism, folate metabolism, blood clotting and iron overload.

With the analysis of these clinically important low-penetrance mutations MyRISQ experts get the greatly needed basis for both the evaluation of your lifestyle choices as well as your family medical information.

Lifestyle check points out your current health status

The low-penetrance mutations in your genome represent only the basis for your health. However lowered or increased risk for developing cardiovascular diseases is mainly determined by the lifestyle choices you make.

Research shows that five most important healthy behaviors are: not smoking, low or no alcohol intake, weight control, physical activity and a healthy diet. Therefore, CardioRISQ thoroughly examines your lifestyle choices and behaviour to determine what your actual current health status is. The results of genetic background scan and lifestyle analysis represent foundations on which CardioRISQ report is built.

The result is a detailed report in two versions

On the basis of thorough analysis two reports are prepared: One is for you and is written in a plain and simple language that is easy to understand. It points out how to start changing your lifestyle in order to minimize the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. The second report is intended for your physician or cardiologist and gives an in depth report of your genetics, medical history, family history as well as lifestyle and environmental risk factors. It also provides the doctor with a detailed description of recommendations you need to undertake to help you follow the improvement you'll be making.

CardioRISQ results are clinically useful

CardioRISQ results are clinically useful - they can be used by your physician to help you change your life style and reduce the possibility of developing cardiovascular diseases.

To whom would we recommend CardioRISQ

  • if you have cardiovascular disease,
  • if you have direct family members with cardiac disease,
  • if you have a high cholesterol level,
  • if you are diagnosed with type II diabetes,
  • if you are diagnosed with hypertension,
  • if you have interest in finding your risk for a cardiac event,
  • if your clinician recommends you to request the test,
  • if you want to check your life style and its impact on your "heart health".

All this information enables us to determine which combination of factors will promote and which prevent development of cardiovascular diseases.

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21. 11. 2016