Aristotel Medical Center

Aristotel Medical Center. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

Aristotle health center has been operating since 1998 with units in Krško and Novo Mesto. The company at present employs 14 workers, 4 doctors and 5 part-time employees. The beneficiaries of our services are the largest companies in Dolenjska and Posavje. In cooperation with specialists from various medical disciplines, we perform the following activities: general medicine, occupational medicine, transport and sport, ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, clinic for osteoporosis, specialist neurological clinic with EMG, cardiac clinic, a clinical psychological clinic,... We also carry out checks on workers exposed to ionizing radiation.

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Kambič-Kafol Medical Center

Kambič-Kafol Medical Center. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

Founded in 1997 the Medical Center Kambič-Kafol is one of the first private clinics that opened in Slovenia. The Center was led by Dr. Kafol for several years and after her departure the management was taken over by dr. Kambič. The Center provides their patients superior health care services in a comfortable and friendly environment with a holistic approach to understanding and solving health problems and implementation of prevention and monitoring of patients after treatment. The Medical Center is designed as a medical clinic that allows diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of internal medicine especially in the field of pulmonary diseases and Allergy diseases. In addition the medical center also offers manager reviews, Holter RR, immunotherapy, metacholin tests, X-ray diagnostics and laboratory tests..

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Barsos - Medical Center

Barsos Medical Center. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

Medical Center BARSOS-MC was established in 1993. Today it is equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment that enables non-invasive diagnosis of virtually all areas of internal medicine. The medical center cooperates with over 40 specialists from different fields of medicine and offers a full range of specialist services in the field of cardiology, pulmology, allergology , orthopedics, urology, gynecology, dermatovenerology, ultrasound diagnostics, breast diseases oupatients' clinic and ophthalmology. Medical Center BARSOS-MC also offers prevention programs, that take care for the entire mental and physical health of individuals. Following the example of an international protocol on prevention, they have prepared a variety of prevention programs.

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Internal cardiovascular dispensary.

Bojan Krivec srčno žilna ambulanta. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

The growth of occurrence of atheromatosis among the population increases the frequency of diseases and mortality, above all due to cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases and, at the same time, the disease process affects the entire artery veins. The progress of atheromatosis can today be prevented in due time. By considering the risk factors for vascular diseases of an individual and, consequently, the assessment of likelihood for a sudden vascular occurrence, the risk for the next vascular occurrence can be forecast even more specifically in an asymptomatic – clinically numb form of the disease. The comprehensive ultrasound definition of the artery veins will be completed with a clinical, functional and laboratory assessment in the entire preventive examination.

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ZzHealth and MyRISQ cooperation. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

Health represents a basic human value that is necessary for both successful work as well as enjoyment of leisure time.

The Health Medical Center was established in 1993 with the aim of providing a general clinic service, dental clinic service as well as endoscopy of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract (gastroscopy, colonoscopy). The center carries out screening for early detection of chronic diseases and collaborates with several specialists both within the center and outside it. A special program has also been developed which is intended for people who want a more accurate assessment of their health and advice on how to reduce the potential risk factors for common diseases. The Health medical center also cooperates with the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana.

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Poliklinika Moderna Dijagnostika

Poliklinika Moderna Diagnostika. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

Poliklinika "Moderna dijagnostika" was founded in Zagreb in 2004. We provide the services in area of gynecology, urology, pediatrics, internal medicine, dermatology. Also, we provide various DNA diagnostic tests, such as paternity DNA testing and preventive gene tests, allergy tests, food intolerance, etc.. Our goal in each area is to provide the most accurate tests available worldwide. We work with internationally recognized and certified biotech companies and DNA laboratories.

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Poliklinika Simbex

Poliklinika Simbex. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

The main activity of the Polyclinic is specialist-consultative healthcare, diagnostics and medical rehabilitation in the field of gynecology, urology and internal medicine. The main activity of the founder, the company Simbex, has been oriented above all to people who have special needs or need additional help in order to be able to function normally in everyday life. Therefore, in our clinic, we endeavored to apply a different approach to patients. By providing an individual approach we want to change a traditional doctor-patient relationship. Modern and high quality equipment located in a beautifully arranged and functional space helped us to create an environment where you will surely feel comfortable, regardless of the problems that bother you.

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Poliklinika Pimezon

The Medical Thermal Centre Fontana

The Medical Thermal Centre Fontana. Health institution offering MyRISQ.

MTC Fontana is one of the most modern medical and recreational centers in Slovenia. Its key competitive advantage is the thermal water from own well located in the Stražunski forest in Maribor. MTC Fontana comprises a Diagnostics Center, Rehabilitation Center and the Recreational Center, where the guests can relax in pools and whirlpools, visit a tanning bed, treat themselves to a massage or go to a fitness, etc.

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