If you look around, you soon discover that everybody you see is different from you. They are taller, shorter, have different eye, skin or hair color etc. All of this is written in our genes, and our genes not only determine what we look like, but also how we respond to treatments with prescription drugs.

As the majority of drugs today are prescribed in a "one size fits all" manner, they do not work for everybody. Adverse drug reactions are a major cause of hospitalizations and the need to develop techniques that will enable us to determine which person will respond to treatment and who will be non-responder, or recommend the most beneficial dose is of great importance.

The area of research that studies how genetic variability affects the response of people to treatment with specific drugs is called pharmacogenomics. Although still in its infancy, there have been important breakthroughs which provide valuable information for doctors as well as their patients.

Figure 1: DrugResponseRISQ aims to provide doctors and patients with answers as to which drug or what dose of a specific drug is more appropriate for them.

What is DrugResponseRISQ?

DrugResponseRISQ is a panel of pharmacogenomic tests aimed to provide doctors with useful information that will support personalized treatment decisions for their patients. The tests are intended for people who are already receiving a particular drug treatment and show either adverse effects or no treatment effect as well as for patient who are planning to start with a treatment, especially if it is associated with a high risk for non-efficacy or adverse events. In either case the doctor fills out a short questionnaire with information about the reasons for testing and other relevant information about the patient. In addition a small amount of saliva is taken from patient for the genotyping test. Based on the test results we provide your doctor and you with an informative report about treatment decisions that are in accordance with international guidelines.

For which drugs is DrugResponseRISQ suitable?

Below is a list of drugs for which DrugResponseRISQ can be ordered by your doctor:

  • Warfarin
  • Clopidogrel
  • Coumarine
  • Statins (Simvastatin)
  • Tamoxifen
  • Atomoxentine
  • Antidepressants

How is the test performed?

  Ask you doctor for the test or write to us at info@myrisq.com for more information. We can advise you where to perform the test.
  Your doctor will collect a small sample of your saliva. He will also fill out a short questionnaire about your current treatment.
  Your saliva sample will be sent to our laboratory where the genetic analysis will be performed.
  When the analysis is done the results of the test will be delivered to your doctor who will contact you for consulting. The doctor will explain the results and give you further information.

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18. 11. 2016