HON Code of Conduct

Principle 1 - Information must be authoritative.

Our editorial team in cooperation with our expert council, which consist of experts in genetics, oncology, microbiology, biochemistry and clinical biochemistry, review all content provided by MyRISQ. Any additional medical and health-related information provided on the MyRISQ site is only from reliable resources.

Principle 2 - Purpose of the website.

The information provided on MyRISQ site is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician. The main purpose is to inform public, patients and doctors with relevant and reliable information about genetic testing. Our goal is to encourage people to talk with theis physicians about genetic testing and their genetic results.

Principle 3 – Confidentiality.

Privacy and confidentiality of customers and other visitors is respected. For detailed information please read our privacy policy. The site undertakes to honor or exceed the legal requirements for medical/health information privacy in the European Union.

Principle 4 - Information must be documented: Referenced and dated

All medical content (page or article) has s specific date of creation and a last modification date at the bottom of the page. Date of last modification is also clearly written on every page describing ethical and legal information, author(s), mission, and the intended audience.

Principle 5 - Justification of claims.

We offer genetic testing. The results of genetic testing and interpretation of the results are based on up-to-date scientific literature and clinical data. We promote only our own services and products.

Principle 6 - Website contact details.

The editor and webmaster can be contacted at any time trough email listed on the About Us subpage of MyRISQ site. All enquiries are responded in 24 hours. For contact information about our advisory board please contact us.

Principle 7 - Disclosure of funding sources.

As a private company, we do not have sponsors of our services. We received funding from VC funds, Slovenian Research Agency ARRS (government agency) and Slovene Enterprise Fund SPS (government agency).

Principle 8 - Advertising policy.

There is no advertising on the MyRISQ site. Any advertising any time will be clearly marked and differentiated as advertisement.

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12. 09. 2014