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Pathology supported genetic testing (PSGT) represents a novel concept in personalized medicine. In contrast to ever more popular direct to consumer (DTC) genetic tests where only your DNA is required, PSGT also requires a detailed lifestyle questionnaire which encompasses you eating habits, recreating, drinking etc, as well as your medical history and blood work. Integration of all the provided information enables us to provide you with a personalized risk assessment plan as well as detailed instructions on how to change your lifestyle in order to prevent development of complex diseases. You can read more about Pathology supported genetic testing here.

MyRISQ technology was developed to help you. All tests present new achievements in the field of personal genetics and are here to help you achieve the quality of life you want.

MyRISQ technology combines all aspects of your health and it examines them carefully and thoughtfully.

  • it examines your genetic background to point out possible risks for development of certain diseases;
  • it checks your lifestyle: how you eat, how active you are, the levels of stress you are undergoing and much more. 
  • it also takes your medical report and family health history in account. 

On the basis of all these factors two reports are prepared: One is for you and is written in a plain and simple language that is easy to understand. It points out how to start changing your lifestyle in order to minimize the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases. The second report is intended for your physician or cardiologist and gives an in depth report of your genetics, medical history, family history as well as lifestyle and environmental risk factors. It also provides the doctor with a detailed description of recommendations you need to undertake. We recommend that you go through this report with your doctor and discuss all the relevant information.

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31. 12. 2013