DMC - Medical Turism

DMC Medical Turism. MyRISQ partner, Panoramic.

Demand the best when it comes to health. Only the most reliable partner deserves your trust. Only a professional relationship ensures the quality you expect. That is why cooperation with Medical tourism DMC, which cooperates closely with professionals in the field of medical services, is the right decision.

A team of committed tourism professionals provides you with a comprehensive spectrum of accompanying tourist services, from transfers and accommodation to the organization of associated events, while renowned medical professionals provide you with high-quality and reliable medical services. Only in this way can the range of medical services form a quality whole. Only in this way can a medicinal trip ensure the best results.

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Aleksander Hotel

Erect and majestic, it proudly stands up there, as if it wanted to step away from the rest of the world to preserve its intangibility, and yet as if it also wanted to step down a little, to be closer to us. It refuses to give a clear answer as to why it has decided to make its home right here, in Rogaška Slatina. Perhaps because of its special climate that has a beneficial influence of the body and soul? Because of its healing waters, praised already by the ancient Celts and Romans? Or because of its fame, well deserved and maintained for almost five centuries?

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DHL in cooperation with MyRISQ.

Founded in San Francisco more than 40 years ago by 3 budding entrepreneurs – Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn – DHL has continued to expand at a phenomenal rate. Today, it stands tall as the global market leader of the international express and logistics industry. Today, DHL's international network links more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. DHL also offers unparalleled expertise in express, air and ocean freight, overland transport, contract logistics solutions as well as international mail services.

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