Story of genes

Genes are a set of instructions that decide what the organism is like, how it survives, and how it behaves in its environment. Sometimes certain combinations of genes affect the risk for developing diseases and they weaken our organism and our behavior in environment.

But as important as knowing your genetic background is also taking the right lifestyle choices. Read below how genes are affecting your heath and what are other factors that play an important role in your well-being, too.

What are genes?

Imagine that genes are like pipes of large pipe organ instrument - let's say that pipe organ instrument is our genome and the genes are certain pipes that are producing different tones. This pipe organ consists out of 30.000 pipes - the mentioned number is equivalent to the whole amount of genes in our body. Each pipe suits to one of the genes, that are stored in the form of DNA molecule in the nucleus of cell in our body.

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How are genes influencing your health?

Genes influence your physical traits, the likelihood of suffering from a specific disease or health condition, and the way your body responds to the environment you live in. But in most cases your lifestyle habits play the most important role in your health.

Genes and health

Sometimes lifestyle is more important than genes!

Your lifestyle plays the most important role in your health. Research has shown that smoking, drinking, bad nutritional habits and lack of physical activity are life-style related health determinants linked to a number of major health problems, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Lifestyle and health

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