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In recent years technology has improved tremendously. We have now an opportunity to learn how modern discoveries can help us improve our health. We can analyse our genetic background and gain an insight what this makeup means for our health.

This technology has also enabled us to understand what does it take to be healthy. And furthermore, by this technology we can get all the necessary guidelines to take proactive action for our well-being and rich healthy life.

Genes, lifestyle and environment determine your health

There are three important determinant that define your health. 

Genes influence your physical traits, the likelihood of suffering from a specific disease or health condition, and the way your body responds to the environment you live in. But in most cases your lifestyle habits play the most important role in your health.

What influences your health?

Genes define who we are

Genes make every one of us special. They are a set of instructions that decide what our organism is like, how it survives, and how it behaves in its environment. Although genes usually function as a well-oiled machine, sometimes errors could be caused in their operations. These mistakes are reflected as a bad health conditions that hinder our living.

How genes influence my health?

Lifestyle plays a crucial role in your health

Your health is not only influenced by your genetic background but it is mainly defined by your lifestyle choices. The development of a condition is usually the result of unhealthy lifestyle, poor eating habits and lack of recreational activities.

But nothing is lost. Lifestyle can be changed and with proper knowledge every one of us can improve. With the help of detailed guideliness and thorough observation and moral support of your doctor and MyRISQ experts you can start making changes today.

How lifestyle affects your health

How can your health be improved?

You can start making changes for your health today. Let MyRISQ technology help you take care of your health.

For taking proper and secure steps in changing your life you need knowledge and MyRISQ technology helps you gain this knowledge. Firstly, it analyses your genetic makeup, your lifestyle, family history, eating habits and other factors that significantly influence your health. Based on these various indicators a detailed report is formulated in order to give you a full insight into your current health situation. Together with the results you also get the guidelines how to start improving your lifestyle and taking the path of healthy living.

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